I have had the privilege of teaching not only a wide range of courses, but also of teaching and interacting with a wide range of students. I thoroughly enjoy teaching, and have learned a great deal from my students over the years. I regularly teach more traditional undergraduates, but also teach beyond the campus in and around the surrounding communities as often as I am able. I have taught a number of community-sponsored courses, some of which are listed below as “mini-courses,” and have had the opportunity to teach numerous classes to a variety of prison populations. My varied teaching experience has only strengthened my initial conviction that history matters, and that teaching it as far and as wide as possible is something I have an obligation to do.

Select course syllabi

The US since 1945

The Vietnam War 

The History of Rock & Roll

The US since 1877

Courses taught

20th Century U.S. Historiography (graduate)

African American Social & Intellectual History

Writing as a Public Intellectual (graduate)

The History of Rock and Roll (Drew Seminar)

The Cold War (mini-course at Chatham Library, Chatham NJ)

The Vietnam War & the Sixties (Drew mini-course at Madison Library, Madison NJ)

The Vietnam War at the Movies

The History of Rock and Roll

Historical Research Methods

History Research Capstone

The History of U.S. Foreign Policy

The U.S. since World War II (graduate seminar)

Methods & Problems in the Study of U.S. Foreign Relations (graduate seminar)

U.S. Foreign Policy (graduate seminar)

Modern China

The Cold War

The US & East Asia

Atomic Power & U.S. History

The Vietnam War

The U.S. & the World

U.S. History since 1865

U.S. Diplomatic History (graduate seminar)

Post-1945 U.S. History

The U.S. and Viet Nam (graduate seminar)

Modern East Asia